Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Brown Smoothie

I am not going to share a picture of what I made for dinner. After getting into making smoothies lately I thought I'd give 'green smoothies' a try (adding spinach or kale) but it's impossible to find either of those vegetables fresh and I thought it couldn't hurt to get some frozen kale and try blending it in... It's not great since the veggie stuff doesn't get totally smooth and it end up kind of a brownish color with green flecks that I still have to chew a little. Plus, it just tastes a bit too healthy... I'll keep on the look out for spinach in the stores and try again some day. 

It's not as greasy as it appears here!
But the leftover soup I had for lunch looked good. Or at least I thought so when I made it and that's when I took this picture...

Grie├čnockerl or semolina dumpling soup (solid blobs of cream of wheat really). I needed a way to use up some of the broth I made last week and tossing in an onion and all the carrots that were still any good makes it pretty easy. Then I really just mix up the stuff that goes into the dumplings (semolina, milk, butter or oil, salt, an egg and just a touch of nutmeg and baking powder) in approximate amounts to make right consistency and drop a few spoonfuls into the pot. I might pay for my inexactness in the odd shape of them, as you can see from these but at least it doesn't affect the taste.

I went to the gym this evening - stationary bike for 20min. then did some strength training on the machines there.

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