Saturday, February 18, 2012

Yesterday's Ugly Weather

Apparently I didn't actually write this yesterday. Nothing too exciting, it was raining and so wet and ugly out that I didn't get out for a run. I did walk through the city to run some errands and came back with wet feet (I don't have rubber boots)...

Cooked: but it looks like I just tossed it on the floor
But I did try a new recipe! I don't think I'd ever actually cooked with Kale before and although I only had the frozen stuff around (because of my interesting attempts at 'green smoothies') I quite enjoyed the simplicity of this Kale and Carrot Bake. But it's really hard to go wrong with veggies, onion and garlic, isn't it?

 I always seem to have a hard time eating carrots before they start to go bad and was looking around for something I could eat with rice or couscous. This is perfect! I had the frozen Kale and although I wasn't sure if it would be quite the same with frozen over fresh, I thought I'd give it a go anyways. 

This is the "Oven Roasted Carrots and Kale" recipe according to, but to be honest I didn't measure anything - I was cooking veggies, how exact does it need to be?? It's the first time I've used this blog for recipes but it looks pretty awesome, with lots of healthy recipes and tons of nutrition advice.

After starting some spiced rice (this just means I threw a couple cloves, whole allspice and a piece of star anise into the pot while it cooked), I threw a handful of 'Kale ice cubes' into my casserole dish and put them  in the oven on low with the hope that they'd thaw enough by the time I finished chopping the other stuff.

To the other stuff: pretty simple - the last onion I had (it was small) and 3 or maybe 4... cloves of garlic plus a good handful of carrots, I'd guess 4 or 5 of the biggest ones in the bag. I'd been checking on the kale pretty often, anxiously stirring it around and hoping it'd thaw faster (next time I'd probably take it out a little earlier). I finally pulled it out of the oven (turning it up to 200°C), tossed everything else in the dish, drizzled it with olive oil and added a dash of salt and several grinds of pepper and stirred everything vigorously with a wooden spoon and waited... Although I guess I stirred it after about 10min. and maybe again once or twice. I was being cautious because the frozen kale was making a lot more moist than I think it would be with the fresh stuff.

It was ready about the time I finished my dishes (including those from lunch). Unlike in the recipe on the kale wasn't going to end up turning brown so I was checking for the carrots to be tender enough. Then I served it (to myself) in a bowl over the rice and I couldn't resist grating some parmesan and adding a few black olives. Other cheeses are good too, I tried some thinly sliced Emmantaler on my leftovers today! Oh and today I added a bit of lemon juice too. I didn't have fresh lemons but just squirted some on, definitely makes the flavours pop!

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