Friday, March 16, 2012

Here's what I wasn't prepared for

Walking up the staircase, I knew why I was there. I'd been there before and I'm not new at this either, but this was the first time it had worked out this way.

As I got closer, I was still alone and was starting to grow concerned. I didn't expect many people I knew but certainly wasn't thinking it would be this empty. I checked the time - I wasn't late. 

Knowing it had to be in one of two rooms, I heading for the closest first. Trying the handle - it rattles - locked! Not what I expected, but no problem, the next one's only a little further down the hall. This is the right day, isn't it? I check my phone again and confirm it.

So, still alone, I approach the next alternative. This time it creaks open and there I am catching the attention of all 6 people in the room. Oops, it looks like that's not what I was supposed to do. 
Finally I call out to them, asking where I should be. At first, the man at the front of the room just shouts out a number to me. I think he wants to return to what he's doing. But I didn't understand. And I'm supposed to be here. So I stand my ground, or perhaps I just stand there looking stunned. Either way, it works and he decides to accompany me. 

As he's walking with me to find someone in charge, he explains that they weren't expecting us. Wait, there are more? Why didn't I see anyone yet? Only a few minutes later he's left me with someone who's telling me to come back later, when they're ready for us.

Actually, apparently they really didn't know we were coming. Four people from my class showed up for an exam at 9:30 this morning and were sent away because of communication issues. The faculty didn't get the message that anyone had registered for it! Then we were told to show up again at 11:30 and hopefully they'd have an exam ready for us by then. 

They did. So after all that extra stress and about an hour more "study time" (because is it really that useful at that point?) we finally finished the 9:30 exam at 1:30 pm.

But, it's over!


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