Friday, March 2, 2012

Reasons for Everything

1. Why I have a running schedule:

I may be motivated enough to go out running, but not every time! In this case, I probably wouldn't have done anything active yesterday if it weren't for a look at my schedule, quickly noticing that if I didn't make it out for a run, there'd be a 2 day gap. I couldn't let that happen!

The point of my running plan is not only to let me have daily, short-term goals to achieve - and therefore have the reward of coloring in that day (I remember seeing Mom do this with hers too), but to make sure that I'm on track to achieve some longer-term goal. For now that goal is the 10km run at the end of April.

Sometimes, when it gets a bit harder to get motivated, isn't a plan there to remind us of what we set out to do and the means to get it done? Maybe that's too obvious, but this running schedule is my plan - based on bits of info. from various sources I made it, printed it and started to carry it out.

Whatever I put in it has to be realistic though. I'm not a pro-athlete and definitely shouldn't try to train like I am. What I've planned for myself is merely a minimum of 3 runs per week and possible crosstraining days mixed in. I still like to consider everything on my schedule as a minimum. Not that I plan to do more each time, but this means I don't plan to stop as soon as I hit the 30 minute or 5km mark. It also keeps me from staring at my watch when I start getting tired. 

Of course, flexibilty is extremely important too. The schedule I'm looking at right now has arrows all over the place. But, I haven't crossed anything out, just moved it around. Life, the way I'm feeling and the weather conditions take priority sometimes but within the course of a week, everything planned fits in somehow.

But then again, maybe rewards are just as motivating. I finally bought myself a new pair of running shoes and was anxious to try them out, so I wasn't too upset about going to the gym with the intent to testing them on the treadmill.

2. Why I joined the gym...

Alright there are a few reasons I started going to the gym and none of them are because I particularly enjoy exercising with machines in a warm, sweaty room full of strangers. And I guess my reasons have changed a bit, or at least what pushes me to go has.

At first, I was joining because I wanted to work on getting back in shape and without some extra bit of committment, that wasn't getting anywhere too fast. Plus, I had a good friend who was going and we figured it would push both of us to go more often.

Well, things started getting busier and I was left going alone to the gym but I kept going because it was cold and icy outside and I decided it was too risky a time of year(both slippery and super easy to get sick when you're not used to it) to jump into outdoor running.

Then I started using the weight machines and although I struggle a bit and don't completely enjoy it, I do like the feeling when I realize I can increase the weight or the number of repetitions! I think it'll help improve my general fitness, my running and if I'm in search of more motivation to continue, here are a number of reasons Why Women Should Lift Weights, along with a bunch of interesting links.

3. Why I bought spinach

Mainly because I finally found fresh spinach again! But, here's what I did with it:

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