Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Running Plan: Monday, March 5 - Sunday, March 11

A little late, but I thought I'd start posting the basics of my running plan at the beginning of each week.  I think of my running week as being Monday to Sunday though, since I plan to do my longer runs on Sundays and that's how I'll describe it here too.

This week: 
Monday             No run planned, but I ran my 4km route in just over 25 minutes
Tuesday            35 minutes run (done and I ran over 5km)
Wednesday  I threw in an extra 4km run (26min)
Thursday          35 minutes run: 5.8km on the treadmill (faster than my last treadmill run!)
Sunday              8km (this will be my longest run so far this year!) - ran it with Johannes in about 50 minutes!

I quite like going out for short runs like the 4km I did on Monday and might try doing more of those on my 'days off.' Alternatively, I might head to the gym to try working on my muscles on those days.


  1. I want muscles, but i am lazy so i will just study spanish.
    wait a go lynds. Keep it up.

    1. Don't you get your muscles at work?
      And thanks for your support! It helps a lot!