Saturday, May 5, 2012

Race Package Pick-up in Dresden

I was so excited about finally entering a race again that I'm surprised I didn't have this entry written and ready to publish much earlier. I'm sure I would have been sitting in front of my computer so I could tell you all about the race and my excitement the night before it if Johannes wasn't around to make the weekend even busier (and more fun too of course)! He's such a distraction sometimes...

Am I the only one excited about this race?

Last weekend we had such beautiful weather and although we got moving a bit late and spent a tiny bit more time in the sports store than we should have Johannes, Johanna and I had a wonderful time hanging out in Dresden Saturday afternoon and into the evening. 

Goofy faces = Excited!!
Wow, my legs should not be as white as that frog's toes! I need to start running midday more often...

Since it was the reason we didn't just look for a nice hangout in Freiberg, we heading to the Oberelbe-Marathon Race Expo first. Johannes and I collected our race packages and aside from a quick look at the gear on sale, a peek at some of the brochures for upcoming races and buying a race t-shirt for me for only 10€ we headed towards the city centre to find ice cream.

In trying to capture how beautifully they serve a single scoop...
... I caught Johanna looking gorgeous with her coffee.
Who doesn't love sitting around eating ice cream in a beautiful city like Dresden on a hot spring day??

It shouldn't come as a surprise that lots of people do. It was so busy around the city that day and when we stopped at Dulce Chocolate for ice cream, we ended up waiting a long, long time because of it.

The stop at the sports store meant that although I couldn't find pants I liked for hiking/climbing, Johannes (of course) managed to find equipment that was an absolute must buy! This isn't sarcasm, there actually was climbing gear that he didn't have, would need to use for climbing in this region AND that we have already used while out climbing a couple of days at the beginning of this week (more on that later). 

So that it doesn't seem like we spent the entire day before the race eating junk food, I'm breaking things up a bit to prove that we at least briefly enjoyed the sunset before ordering pizza for dinner. 

 Although I was reluctant about the choice of dinner to have the night before running my first 10km race in so long, it was so enjoyable to sit beside the river in the twilight with a yummy pizza and a beer.

So we sat around by the river until we were full, chilly and a bit sleepy. What a fun and relaxing day!

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