Friday, May 18, 2012

Edmonton Spring Sprint - June 2, 2012

 The following is a message from my Mother regarding Edmonton's upcoming Spring Sprint Walk and Fun Run for the Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada

It's too far for me to make it there for the weekend or I'd be going for the run, some food, fun and the great prizes I've been hearing about...

If you're within Canada but too far away to make it to Edmonton that weekend, the Spring Sprint is taking place in a number of cities across Canada through May and June - check out the list at the bottom of this post for a list of upcoming dates.


Dear friends and family

As most of you know, last year at this time, our daughter was diagnosed with a brain tumour. As you can imagine this was one of the most difficult times of our lives. At first it was difficult to even comprehend (I found it easier to call it a growth in her head, rather than a brain tumour).

Lyndsy had brain surgery in Dresden, Germany in late August, 2011 and has made a remarkable recovery. We couldn't be happier. She is attending University and in fact at the end of April she competed in a 10 km run. 

Shortly after she was diagnosed last year,  I found out about a fundraising walk for the Brain Tumour Foundation called the "Spring Sprint".  I attended this walk last year, and as well Fred and I went to a support group meeting in Edmonton to learn as much as we could about this terrible disease. This past year I became involved with the Spring Sprint as a way to give back and help others. I am the Spring Sprint Coordinator. 

The walk will be held on June 2, 2012 in Hawrelak Park. It is a 2.5 km or 5 km walk around Hawrelak Park. Along with the walk there will be entertainment, door prizes, a silent auction (we have obtained some great prizes), and lunch. 

If you are able to participate - I encourage you to sign up.

To register or to donate directly to the Edmonton Spring Sprint (we have a goal of $75,000) please go to

Thank you.


Sharon Schultz


Sunday, May 6, 2012

Oberelbe-Marathon 10km

To parallel yesterday's race package pick-up Johannes was completely relaxed (almost bored?) and I was super pumped! Too bad we still had over an hour and a bus trip out to the start line to go after already driving the half hour from Freiberg into Dresden for the race...

The Finish Line was in the stadium behind us
We were both still a bit sleepy since my bed is tiny, it was noisy outside until about 5am and well, we had to get up early to be there on time. Perhaps the greatest disadvantage of a race that doesn't start and end at the same point is the logistics of getting to the start/from the finish if you come with a vehicle...

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Race Package Pick-up in Dresden

I was so excited about finally entering a race again that I'm surprised I didn't have this entry written and ready to publish much earlier. I'm sure I would have been sitting in front of my computer so I could tell you all about the race and my excitement the night before it if Johannes wasn't around to make the weekend even busier (and more fun too of course)! He's such a distraction sometimes...

Am I the only one excited about this race?

Last weekend we had such beautiful weather and although we got moving a bit late and spent a tiny bit more time in the sports store than we should have Johannes, Johanna and I had a wonderful time hanging out in Dresden Saturday afternoon and into the evening.