Upcoming Races:

TU Freiberg Studententage Campuslauf: 3km - May 21, 2012

Zwickauer Stadtlauf (Saxony Road Race University Championship): 10km - June 17, 2012

N├╝rnberger-Frauenlauf: 10km - July 22, 2012

Completed Races:

Oberelbe-Marathon: 10km - April 29, 2012                         Time: 1:00:40
Goal: To Finish (in 60 minutes)                                                Blog Posts: Pre-Race, Race Day

Current Training:
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My Posts About Running:

How I Track My Progress (External Fitness Logs):
(I like these websites and will write a post about them when I get a chance - maybe I'll explain why I use 3 of them...)

*If you're on any of the above training log sites be sure to find me!