Friday, March 16, 2012

Try going the other way

I mean it. This could mean doing something normal in a way you're not used to or just getting somewhere by literally going the other way. You'll see things differently. Maybe you'll notice something wonderful and if not, at least it'll help you appreciate or understand the old way more.

Here's what I saw when I ran the other way yesterday:

Please try not to focus on the big gangly tree that got in the way
and forgive my photography - I took this while running!

It was pretty running the other way around the loop. Of course I saw different things and all the ups turned into downs (of course vice versa too). This part of the trail especially impressed me though because the part just before it is surrounded by the city wall and as I was running up, around the corner to get to it, it felt like running into some medieval world. Maybe it just doesn't have that effect going the other way because it comes later in the run, but I doubt it.

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